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Class Prep
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What to Expect
First day preparations can set you on the right path to success! Goto class with an open mind. Do not skip the first class.

Success Tips
Check out the Success Guide and short video below for tips to get ready for your first semester and beyond.

Your Pre-semester Checklist

The Summer Before College Checklist

Getting Books
Textbooks can be rather pricey. But you can save money by buying them used, renting them, or by taking zero-cost textbook (OER) classes.

💰 New HS Grads: Up to $1,200 Textbook Vouchers

Students who graduated high school the same year they start attending SMC qualify for the SMC Promise. One of the perks is getting textbook vouchers by as much as $1,200 per year to the SMC Bookstore! There is a catch though...

  • Must qualify for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) fee waiver
  • Up to: $500 during Fall & Spring semesters; and $100 during Winter & Summer sessions

Find more at the SMC Promise website.

Tech Loans: Chromebooks
Need a Chromebook? Reach out to your counselor or instructor to let them know. Once approved you'll get an email with instructions on how to pick one up.

Study Prep
How you study may differ for each class you take, your learning style, etc. We think we know the formula to class success, but let us know what works for you! Check out these tips.

FREE tutoring throughout the term in dozens of subject areas. Book appointments on Corsair Connect.

About Canvas
Within a Canvas course, you can submit assignments, participate in discussions, view grades, and collaborate with other students.