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Stay on Track
  • Take a moment - review & plan

Classroom Success

Improve Study Habits
Your success might be determined by your routine. Check out these videos to learn some best practices:
Ask Your Instructor

Contact your Instructor early, especially in difficult subjects, it can make all the difference.
Ask them:

  • Areas you can improve
  • Prep tips for quizzes/exams
  • Additional resources for help

Check your syllabus for contact information and for office hours!

FREE Tutoring @ SMC

Don't wait until the last minute, spaces fill up quick.

  1. Login to Corsair Connect
  2. Click on the yellow "Tutoring Appointments" button


Counseling Courses

Consider taking a Counseling course that specializes in:

  • Learning Skills
  • Career Planning
  • Transfer Planning
  • Student Success

Use the Searchable Schedule to look for Counseling courses!

Additional Courses

The Right Units

When planning your classes, make sure they:

  • Are part of your major
  • Are part of your GE requirements
  • Are transferable to your goals

Review your MyEdPlan frequently!

More than one?

At SMC, you can earn multiple degrees and certificates...

...and you might be closer than you think!

  • Some courses will work in multiple areas
  • Some certificates are almost the same as your major

Ways to check:

15 to Finish

Think of it this way... need 60 applicable units for a degree.

  • That's 30 per year
  • Or, 15 per major term

Taking the right units helps you:

  • Graduate on time
  • Save money
  • Start your next goal sooner!

Talk to a counselor to see how to balance your goals with your day to day needs!

Future Planning

Be ready to petition!

Each degree and/or certificate requires its own petition.

Here are some important things to check:

  • Petition open and close dates
  • You are enrolled in your last courses for eligibility
  • Any transfer units or credit have been sent to SMC

Places to get help:


Join a workshop

Participating in a workshop early is one of the best ways to plan ahead!


Explore SMC GO

Don't forget to check out our great resources dedicated to graduating and transfering!